Cult classic recreated as part of the TV On Trial series. Filmed and broadcasted live, something the BBC had not done for 20 years - it was a success. Never the less, it was remixed by us to give it a hollywood finish. And lots of foley for international reversioning.

They're the players that the school team didn't want, so they formed their own team instead!

An unpredictable friend arrives to stay with Kevin at a difficult time in his life ­ and she's only nine inches high. Or in other words.... Skwitty Little Jockbobbler give Scrotty Bimstinkle Boy big headbangers

RTS and BAFTA nominated 30 minute drama based on the children’s novel by Michael Morpurgo about a farming family during the BSE epidemic.

Composer Jonathan Dove came from a family of architects and his music has continued to be associated with spectacular and controversial buildings: he composed music for the opening ceremonies of the Millennium Dome in 2000. He is one of Britain’s foremost and most versatile young composers, having written choral music, instrumental work, and more than a dozen operas including Flight (1998) for Glyndebourne Touring Opera, set in an airport departure lounge, and When She Died (2002), his opera on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, broadcast on Channel 4 to an audience of nearly a million.

2005 is Hans Christian Andersen's bicentennial, and in Copenhagen grand celebrations are planned. These six short films are historical re-enactments filmed on location in Poland. They provide a vignette of crucial periods in the author's life from his early years through penniless early career through to eventual plaudits and honours in his home town.