In three hard-hitting programmes, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall explores the horrors of intensive chicken farming. The journey takes him far from the cosy lifestyle of River Cottage and into the harrowing conditions of running his own modern poultry production line.

Estate Agent Andrew Winter comes to the aid of Brits having foreign property nightmares all over Europe.

Dogs: they should be man's best friend, but instead the UK is overrun by canine humping, biting, barking, crapping and stealing. When they're not hounding their owners, destroying relationships and creating havoc in their own homes they're out on the street terrorising the rest of us. And it's got to stop!

No, not babies reading minds! That's crazy! Yes that's right its babies having their minds read!! Includes bags under eyes spreading across the face.

We follow the fortunes of plant enthusiast Tom Hart Dyke as he attempts to secure the long-term future of his family home, Lullingstone Castle, by transforming the gardens into a unique tourist attraction.

ITV's weekly magazine about movies - new releases, dvds, and interviews with the stars on premiere night.

Second installment of the hit series. Would you quit your job and gamble everything on starting a business you know nothing about? Risking It All follows the real-life stories of people who are prepared to do just that.

This Allen Carr "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" DVD was designed to complement the widely endorsed 2.5m copy selling book as well as his worldwide network of clinics.  This DVD, featuring Allen himself, was produced in English, German, Spanish & French.

"From How Not to Decorate to how not to dress:  masters of sartorial excellence Colin and Justin take us on a rollercoaster ride of red carpet disasters and nightclub nightmares as they take a look at the worst of celebrity fashion faux pas ever caught on camera."

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's first major series.  We visit dinner parties and watch the preparation of people's passions. 37 x 30 mins Runner Up, "Best Feature Programme" at Broadcast Awards 1997. Runner Up "Best TV Programme" at Glenfiddich Awards 1997.

The original interior design makeover series. Couples decorate each others' houses.

Sound design for the walk-through space of the Faith Zone.  These short, looped films trace some of the nations many faiths.