This DVD starts out with early Billy in the 1970s and moves chronologically through his stand up career ending with a last show in the late 1990s.

A cartoon Billy displays where and when each live show is recorded, then you are thrown into a routine or two from that tour. You do not get the entire stand up show - just snippets, presumably, the "best of" from each. Having seen both HBO routines back in the 80s I can say that certainly not all of "the best" has been included because you just can't get that much info on a single DVD. Still, you will get 2 hours of Billy Connolly at his best with this one DVD - not too shabby.

A word of caution though: Billy's style may not be for everyone. There is plenty of foul language as well as subject matter that some find offensive - like "jobbies" that won't flush or how it feels to have your prostate examined - to name a few.

NO ONE can accuse Billy Connolly about being shy! Of course you also get such subjects as being a parent, visiting with friends in pubs and airlines so do not feel it is all toilet humor (no pun intended). If this DVD doesn't make you laugh then I seriously do not know what will.