Featuring 44 of the world's top latin and ballroom dancers "Burn the Floor" was a dance sensation. This featurette which accompanied the DVD release looked at the story behind the production.

A documentary series filmed on 4 continents looks at some of the greatest mistakes made by military leaders over the last 1100 years.

Each episode of the "Lost Gardens" series looked at a different derelict garden and followed the process of research and restoration. The final episode from a unique small garden at Eller Howe in Cumbria was perhaps the most exciting when a lost underground Victorian fernery built into the hillside was discovered.

A documentary which explains the behind the scenes and history of "South Park", with interviews with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with other members of the SP crew.This special aired originally in the UK as part of "South Park Night." It was subsequentally seen in other markets and is available as part of one of the South Park video releases.

A re-evaluation of the great composer and musician, Seán Ó'Riada, of whom the poet Thomas Kinsella said: "It is not often that a single person, however gifted, can alter the character of a nation's culture. Ó Riada managed to do this..." This film tells the story of Ó Riada's life and work, using the composer's own words as transcribed from various writings, lecture notes and tapes.

alt="" Contributions from: Sean Connery, Billy Connolly, Judi Dench, Whoopi Goldberg, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams

"Everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs..." Shot around the globe following the work of the world’s leading paleontologists out in the field from Antarctica to the Sahara Desert.

A special tribute episode of the "South Bank Show" examining the lasting popularity of a band who have sold over 110 million albums worldwide.

"Once upon a time, say somewhere between 1994 and 1997, I'm convinced that OASIS truly was the meanest, biggest and bleedin' greatest band alive. They held the world in their hands and threw it on a roller coaster ride, of which a piece is caught in this video. Noel Gallagher had the talent of 100 years of composers together, Liam had enough charisma for a millennium. Yes, it was there and then and today's Oasis perhaps only have the shell left ot these days - but it doesn't really matter, since the wonders this band made during these years (perfectly sumaried in this video) is enough for a thousand lifetimes. Even if they won't live forever, this will!" - taken from an IMDB user review.

Patients suffering Parkinson's can dance even when walking remains a challenge. Some children with cerebral palsy can learn to express themselves by singing simple songs even though they may never learn to speak.

A profile of one of the founding members of "The Goon Show", Spike Milligan was one of the "great" influences on British comedy, an anarchic (and often surreal) comedian as well as a sly comic tongue in children's poetry and writing.